The Journey So Far

So today I announce something I have longed for since I began the search three years ago…nearly to the day.

I have a literary agent.

I wrote a bit on the process, but if you will grant me a moment, I will try and put into words how this feels.

Saying “I am grateful” or “it was hard” really feels so silly and inadequate…they etch a stencil and staple moniker on the scream-sheen, mountains to moments, cut-flower truth of emotions roaring through me.

…but I’ll try.

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Google Flights Cheap Travel Trick

If you haven’t discovered the wondrous (albeit occasionally awkward) flight-finding tool that is Google Flights, you need to definitely start tinkering with it. It isn’t always the cheapest, but it’s certainly always close.

It uses algorithms just like any other travel site, but it has a nifty little feature baked into it that can certainly help you go to some awesome places on the cheap.

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