When This is All We Know

So here I am.

Not sure where to start, or if I even have. I’m trying to learn to open my mouth less, and by doing so, say more. “Don’t speak unless it improves on the silence” and all that.

It has had mixed success, really. I tend to be someone who plays with words, who dallies and experiments, meandering with meaning until I fall upon the right prose. I chew upon phrases, enjoying the taste of the perfect combination as they fall from my lips–as seldom as that may be. More common, far more often than I would enjoy, I simply embed my foot so firmly in my mouth that it takes months to extricate it, regardless of intention… all while simply searching for the right thing to say.

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7 Possible Outcomes of Visiting Japanese Hot Springs

True confessions of memories that you just can’t scour clean.

We’re all guilty of getting naked. Even the most vigilant and stalwart among us eventually slip, removing their pants against their better cloth-clad judgment. The people of Japan are no different. In fact, they have even more opportunities for bare-boned “free”dom fighters to shed their slacks. I’m talking, of course, about Japanese hot springs, or Onsen, which can be a wonderful way to relax and woe away the stress of the world … up until the moment they turn on you … hard.

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Kore wa yoi jinsei desu yo.

So I am back.

Went off on hiatus there for a while, and I am mucho sorry about that.  A friend sent me a rather curious and adorable message that made me remember that I have to keep a certain select clientele updated on the wither-thee-why-fors of my time in the glorious land I now inhabit on a full-time basis.

So I moved apartments and as I was moving out I realized that I had only spent one saturday there alone and only two or three there with friends.  It was my very first saturday in Japan.  The rest of the time I was (and still quite frankly am for that matter) running, seeing, going, doing, and living.

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