Jinsei Wa Subarashi (Part 2)

Then after food.  What is left but to Karaoke? So that is where we went next.  In Japan, There are karaoke places ABSOLUTELY everywhere.  There is karaoke in bars sure, but the form that we were after consists of a building with several rooms that you rent by the hour or half hour with your friends with comfy chairs and huge TV monitors and you sing your heart out.  Sounds embarassing.  It isn’t.  Maybe you are a bad singer? No one cares.


So we belted out some Journey, some Mulan, and I watched the whitest girl in Tokushima rap her heart out.  Brief side note, there is nothing, (NOTHING) more awesome than watching a Japanese person sing a song in English.  It truly is one of the funniest/coolest things you will ever bear witness too.

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