The Hidden Pages





Ch 1: Jump

Ch 2: Sixty-Eight Seconds

Ch 3: The Flame in the Shadows

Ch 4: Maps, Mishaps, and Maybes

Ch 5: Heartstone

Ch 6: As the Bell Tolled Ten

Ch 7: Games of Chance

Ch 8: Brawling for the Birds

Ch 9: Winning and Losing

Ch 10: The Fluke

Ch 11: Party Invitations

Ch 12: Secrets in the Dark

Ch 13: Hallways and Heartaches

Ch 14: Bolt in Blood

Ch 15: Questions Answered, Questions Gained

Ch 16: Drake’s Dippers

Ch 17: Pressure

Ch 18: Shooting for Shinedown

Ch 19: Wounds

Ch 20: Best Laid Plans

Ch 21: How We Play

Ch 22: Flight of the Phoenix

Ch 23: Chasing Fortune

Ch 24: Whispers in the Night

Ch 25: Into the Dragon’s Maw

Ch 26: The Messenger

Ch 27: Between Fire and Flame

Ch 28: When Paths Converge

Ch 29: Choices


“No one can know what comes next, and that’s what makes it perfect.”

-Valeo Sorte