Patreon FAQ

Support Legends of Sora on Patreon!


What’s Patreon?

Simply put, Patreon is a platform to help artists gain exposure, grow a following, and provide a place for avid fans to pledge their support. With your help, this dream becomes one step closer to waking up.

But why support?

For the rewards of course!

For Legends of Sora, there are several tiers, each offering a whole plethora of perks and goodies. Extra Sora content, backstories, sneak peeks, artwork, music, and so much more.

Regardless of how much you choose to give, EVERY tier gets to read book one, Legends of Sora: Luck in Flight.

What do you mean by ‘tiers?’

Patrons make monthly donations in various set amounts, the perks of which are clearly defined in the “REWARDS” section of the Patreon page. The higher the tier, the better the perks. Peruse, choose the one that interests you most, and pledge. THAT’S IT!

Content will be provided in these tiers:

$1 – $3 – $5 – $10 – $20

What you gonna do with all that money?

That’s simple. Turn every dollar back around and throw it right back into promoting Sora. Crafting new content, commissioning artwork, querying agents and publishing houses, every bit of this money will go toward helping us get this series into hardback.

What if, down the road, I can’t support anymore?

Not to worry! If you find you can no longer support, you’re able to stop anytime you wish. I’m not an infomercial, so you KNOW its true. This is just a way for people willing, able, or with a little bit of faith, to help bring a dream to light.

Broc, why should I Bother?

I have a stable of over 60 beta readers, two professional editors, one from London and one from Seattle, two writing meccas of the world, professional reviewers, and they all keep saying the same thing:

Legends of Sora is something truly amazing.

It’s terrifying to say, to write something so brazen and self-assured. It goes against who I am. But I am not standing on false laurels. All the proof you need is in the pages: