Every pulse and every leaf, every heart and every beat . . . We are.

Sunstrider - Amended

Fayt: Life
Homeland: Vernadon
Eye Color/Hair: Blue/Auburn or Orange, Wavy
Dialect: Perpetually Plural, Pausing Often

  • Lifestays
    At birth, each Sunstrider is bound with an animal, sharing traits, behaviors, and melding together mentally. If one dies, both die.
  • Dualsight
    Lifestays see, sense, and experience everything simultaneously. They are, quite literally, shared minds in two bodies.
  • Blood and Branch
    Sunstriders have a connection to all things living and can call on this truth in their hour of need to sway, to grow, to heal . . . or to claim.

Common Characteristics:

  • Observant
  • Stubborn
  • Patient



Sunstriders are quiet, only speaking when there is need and always in the plural when referring to themselves. They have a natural fondness for anything living, both plant and animal. They are very slow to anger unless something living is in danger.

Common Likes:

  • The Natural World
  • Music/Art
  • Swimming


Sunstriders tend to be shorter than most, solid and square, yet graceful and dextrous.

As mentioned, Sunstriders bond with an animal at birth, and the first thing the pair sees as they transition into Dualsight often determines both their Lifestays name and their joint “personality.” As a rule, Sunstriders are much more aware of their surroundings, honest to a fault, and hide nothing of what they are. Secrets are something they do not intend to keep.


Sunstriders have inhabited the edges of Vernadon, on the northern fringes of Sora, for time out of memory, but even they do not dare to venture too far into the continents wild interior. Renowned for their incredible living architecture and healing prowess, Sunstriders nonetheless remain a mystery, as few venture outside their lands and even fewer outsiders are allowed in.

Prized Professions:

  • Architects
  • Doctors
  • Artisans