My Blog

Here you will find a number of things that may strike your fancy the moment they hit the press:

  • My Weight-loss story. How anyone, no matter who you are, can lose hundreds of pounds.
  • Japan. What it is like to live, explore, and experience it. The insane festivals, the unheard of food, and what the country is truly like .
  • Travel. Posts, pictures, and all the nitty-gritty about twenty countries and counting.
  • Writing. Plot, character, dialog, word choice . . . everything it takes to make stories bleed into our hearts and memories.
  • A brand new epic fantasy series. Legends of Sora, where ships rule the skies and lands drift as clouds.
  • Random Eccentricity. Sometimes (Most times) I post whatever strikes my fancy, nonsense ramblings, random articles, or ridiculous videos.


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So stay a while and listen. The world shant n’er be younger.