Nathaniel Drake

Nathaniel R.H. Drake


“A person should always be given the chance that dwells within their heart.”

Drake Face

Race: Timeless
Homeland: Fallow’s End
Eye Color/Hair: Grey/Brown Streaked with Silver
Dialect: Humble, Stilted, Antiquated


  • “One of Seven” (Steadfast)
    The Corsairs have sailed and stolen across the skies as long as pen has been put to page, and none are more revered than a ‘One of Seven.’ The unspoken leaders of the Corsairs, each exemplifies a sole trait revered by all.
  • Captain of the Jolly Judy
    Drake inherited the Rain of Plenty after years of serving as its first mate. As is tradition, he rechristened the ship upon his captaincy, choosing the name “Jolly Judy.” It’s origin is from someone long forgotten to him, yet whose name lingers still.
  • Wind and Rain
    Few have set foot in the endless jungles of Vernadon, and fewer still have been an outsider. Drake is the exception. He is allowed to come and go into Sunstrider territory freely, to the bafflement of the rest of the world. As to why is anyone’s guess.


  • Romantic
  • Passionate
  • Persevering


  • Pea and Mushroom Pies
  • Dancing
  • Wind and Salt



Drake is thoughtful and kind, considerate and honest . . . or at least he tries to be. Despite his age, he is a fierce dreamer that often gets swept up in the moment, sometimes to the detriment of those around him. Not one for planning, he instead rides the currents wherever they take him. His intentions are always good, if occasionally misguided, and a fiercer, more loyal friend is seldom found across the eight skies.


Drake is of medium height and build, with a scar under his left eye. A Timeless, he is unable to die at the cost of his memories. His clothes, though always well-fitting and immaculate, are practical and sturdy.

At first, many would suspect he is an unassuming and quiet man. Upon further inspection, his air of certainty is undeniable, moving through the world precisely how he intends, never second-guessing. Not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work alongside his “lessers,” Drake establishes unbreakable loyalty by example, bearing the trenches with his crew as equals. He gives those in his employ every opportunity to prove their worth (most of all to themselves), no matter what it may cost him.


Drake has a long and complicated past, all of which revolves around sailing. He spent many decades under the employ of Queen Llewellyn searching for the Timeless Fayt, only to turn on her just as he closed on his prize. The reason for his turncoat has never fully been understood. Now he sails for the Corsairs, stealing at his whimsy as a nattering pest to the powers that be. One which, try as they might, they cannot catch.

Although, that is only his most recent past. Beyond the last hundred years, little is known of Drake’s deeds and what parts he has played, if any, throughout the pages of history.

Prized Possessions:

  • A shard of the Timeless Fayt.
  • An ancient wooden pipe.
  • A telescope without lens or discernible merit.