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Stricken by ancient disaster, Sora is a world where lands float like clouds and ships rule the air above a shadowy central core, the Darksky. The Fayts, eight powerful facets of human character, were scattered upon this cataclysm, and they affect everything in existence. Through their influence, humanity has risen anew.

Valeo is a Fleetfoot—able to manipulate the luck around him as easily as skipping stones—but all the luck under the moon can’t give him what he wants: his family back. Torn from them as a child because of mysteries in his blood, Valeo has spent over a decade hiding from the Timeless, immortal rulers of the known world.

Desperate for answers, Valeo falls into the path of the Corsairs, noble pirates who happen to know the one thing he fiercely longs for: the truth of his heritage.

As terrible beings as old as the breaking tighten the noose around them, Valeo and his new companions journey to the edge of the world only to discover a terrible truth: unless reunited, the Fayt’s power will soon fail and Sora will plummet into Darksky forever.


Chapter 1
World Introduction

Chapter 14
Action Writing

Chapter 19
Dialog and Lore

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