The Journey So Far

So today I announce something I have longed for since I began the search three years ago…nearly to the day.

I have a literary agent.

I wrote a bit on the process, but if you will grant me a moment, I will try and put into words how this feels.

Saying “I am grateful” or “it was hard” really feels so silly and inadequate…they etch a stencil and staple moniker on the scream-sheen, mountains to moments, cut-flower truth of emotions roaring through me.

…but I’ll try.

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Why Getting a Literary Agent is Harder Than Writing the Book

Currently doing some prep work for a potentially career-changing event taking place tomorrow, and I find myself thinking about the road I have been on the past few… hmm… let’s call them years.

Yeah. Years.

And that’s the road going from someone with a completed, porcelain-polished manuscript sitting in a cabinet to getting that shiny lil’ peach onto bookshelves and into Kindle libraries from here to Pluto (not a planet but should be).

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