Footloose and Olympic Marinara Quelling

So i had to force myself to write tonight.  Every single verb, preposition, and subjective Nancy go-get-um eeked its way onto the page.

I got three Pages written, which is above par, but I felt every line of virtual ink like a tattoo across my corneas.

Im basically getting at one fair point and purpose: I’m tired right now.

I started back at Gamestop, selling video games to goombas.  Right-O!

I like how you can pick something back up like you never sat it down.  Even after 18 months of not working there, i still new how to do almost everything.

I like the adaptability of man in that regard.  Human beings, given any climate, scenario, or toothpaste, can alter their parameters and thrive. There is a brief transition period, but we just bounce right back and start taking down street pylons like they are pancakes.

I don’t know what that metaphor entailed, im mildly incoherent.

I talked about Helmer being footloose, and the Colvin this evening.  and how Every infomercial in existence promotes a product that NEVER works, and i mean NEVER EVER NEVER BEVER  like it does in theory.  They are scams, sad sad scams.

well….Maybe not the Boflex that seemed pretty legitimate.  Anything that causes you to have rippling abs in 3 weeks or less must be God’s honest truth, there is no differ-dafferin around it.

But the colvin…scary place when you weigh as much as a pontoon boat.  What do i do?  what do i NOT do?  What movement will terrify the sorority girls?

No wonder more fat folk arent in the colvin….it intimidates all.  Some of those machines make me feel like i am prepping for a space shuttle launch….operation pectorals.

Then there is the pool. Oh muh gawd….does the colvin have a glorious dippin’ hole.  But dammit, catch 44 with swimwear.  no, i did not use the term incorrectly, i gave leeway for weight ratios for those in question.  But concerning swimming, what is appropriate?  Do i NOT wear a shirt….feel awkward and massive, or do i wear a shirt and BLATANTLY POINT OUT the fact that, without the shirt, i would look awkward and massive.  Damned yay or nay.

All is well, Don’t feed Eskimos starbursts, and always walk on the left side of people playing jump rope.

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