Flat Tires, 19 Stone, and the Reason Behind Windows.

So i wrote the end of Chapter 5.

I did some last second rearranging and changed the events of how i wanted to write things, and i think this will work out much better.

I’m not going to be particularly loquacious this evening because A) I just spent the last 2 hours writing prose B)I’m a sleepy panda, C) I need to brush the bejeezus out of my teeth.  Seriously though, I taste invisible peanut butter.

So this is the point in the book where i stop being such a whiney sod.  Where things turn toward the optimism.  I mean, because the story has a happy ending (somewhat) and there had to be a turning point.  I kind of feel like that the mopey endings, while being honest and true, were getting a little wearing.  But this chapter has a happy ending.  Next chapter will be the beginning of the easiest part of the whole process :losing the weight.

It was by and FAR the easiest part of everything.  Which is the main point of the book in the first place, that losing weight isn’t hard at all, getting to a point where you earnestly WANT to lose it is where things are difficult.

Once you get there, the next bit is easy.  I mean, you will make some wrong turns, turn to some baseline anorexia like i did, but you will see that it is quite easy to figure out.

So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 next week….oh ya.

Today’s Topic: Veteran’s Day.

I would first like to give a caveat:  the following is my opinion, I in no way want to deface all those soldiers who HAVE died. I just want to make an observation.

I sincerely wonder if all the soldiers who have died over the years, in every country that has ever existed, believed in something worth fighting for.  I know the answer before I even fully voice it, No.  Even if you don’t consider slave armies, conscripts, and draftees, there were still those that fought and didn’t agree with what they were fighting for, be it Democracy, The end to slavery, the price of Cinnamon in the Caribbean, or a Helen of Troy, they didn’t all die willingly.  Which seems sort of like a stupid concept in the first place, because I think very few people ever WANT to die.  But they did.  The human race hasn’t gone 15 years without some sort of conflict where someone decides that someone else is doing something wrong.  My problem isn’t really the dispute, it is how those two people send thousands of their own followers to die for an outcome.  Call me a liberal (which I’m most certainly not) but that still doesn’t change the fact that I believe the only thing a person should die for is something that they believe in.  But millions of people have died for something they don’t care about, something they had no passion for.  Should they have believed in it?  Maybe.  Would it have kept him alive?  Probably not.  I feel sad for those who had to die like that, never truly caring about what they were bleeding for.  Either not wanting to be there, not knowing how to get out, or just deluding themselves into action.  This is a nod for their sad and unsung song.

Then there are those who do believe in something.  People die for an idea, sometimes the idea isn’t theirs but it warms them nonetheless, it can keep them going more than anything else.  The power of the mind is astounding, especially when it is in sync with what we want to do.  Nothing is more infectious, or more all consuming than an idea.  It is the most effective virus of all.  Those who stand behind an idea and died believing in something they felt was bigger than themselves is admirable.  Call me a Republican (again, I most certainly am not) but I can see the value in such an action.

My only problem is with the dying period.  If guy A, has a problem with guy B, why do they have to involve guys C-Z?  It seems like a dispute between two individuals, a pissing contest across oceans, where millions can bleed, but hardly ever does blood spill among the two doing the pissing.  You have to love a leader who leads from the front (it really makes sense if you think about the literal definition of the word).  It is so very easy to send someone else to do your fighting.

Why does everyone have to KNOW that they are right…then try and force EVERYONE ELSE to follow their lead?  If you do the mental math…that is a WHOLE bundle of people who are right….then how can so many people be wrong?

My opinion? I’ll do what I’ll do, you do what you do…he does what he does…and why does it matter who is right and wrong?  It takes a pretentious prat to think your ideas are better than someone else’s.

I am sort of rambling and sleep deprived at this point, overall message: Wars are stupid, Why can’t we just decide over a game of kickball or something?  In war, the victor is the one who….WINS….in Kickball….the victor is the one who WINS….makes sense….less blood….similar amount of shouting.


These are just my half-baked ideas on the subject matter….nothing worth a second thought really.


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