West-Bound While Change Pours Through the Daylight.

Long time.

I graduated. Again. Whoo hoo. I am officially through with my education.  I never realized this until I stepped out of my last final, but school and higher education is like slowly eeking your way through 18 years of protective Jello.  Now I’m out of the mold, getting slapped in the face with 10,000 hungry spoons of a world I didn’t know existed.  It is disconcerting, especially when I am more of a fork guy.

I leave this world I know on July 13th.  I don’t know for how long and I have no idea what to expect, but my ticket has been bought.  My material load has been significantly lessened to be sure.  Japan is calling.  I am going to smile and answer.  I’ve never been one much for a ringing phone.  Anyone want to come with me?

Life takes you unexpected places.  We never turn out where we thought we wanted to be, which isn’t always a good thing.  But on occasion, when we really work at it we sort of fall into place, not where we fit perfectly, but where we are willing to make the effort to try anyways.

I have been piano crazy for the past couple of months, learning everything from Beethoven to Vanessa Carlton.  It is by far the most enjoyable instrument I’ve ever had the pleasure to play.  I’m not amazing, but that should never be the reason to do anything.  You shouldn’t perform to be the best, you should perform just as much as you love.  If you disagree, then…well, I don’t care.  My overall goal is to belt out some Journey in a crowded mall and get everyone to break into a hitherto unchoreographed mutual dance routine.

How are you ever gonna see how far you can reach unless you jump aye?

I want to find the one male lion who breaks out of the mold and is just as active and helpful as his female counterparts.  the lion who wants to be a role model, showing the full potential of his gender to his female counterparts.  You know there is at least one weird male who ignores his lazy instincts and chases some cheetah.  I didn’t say his goals were achievable, just a break from the norm.

Maybe he could get lucky and track a cheetah with osteoporosis.  We could all be so lucky.

“It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are, the rest of us just wonder when they are going to get some free pancakes.”

-e.e. cummings-

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