Part 1

This is part one of a massive post I am working on.  It is almost done, but is really too big for one post. So I broke it up.  Get to reading!

So I am Back

I know I haven’t written in ages and all of the loyal and true Broctivists have been crossing fingers and pressing Refresh, just hoping for an update as to my whereabouts, whyforalls, and withermetoos.


You know who you are! (Angie Morrison) (Joe Delpha)


In other news.  Japan has gotten much more enjoyable as of late.  For a while there I felt like an army ant with his antennae plucked, knee deep in peanut butter.  I will let your imagination sort out just what emotion that consists of.  I myself am not entirely sure, it just sort of sprung to mind and I just went with it.

That and I absolutely love peanut butter.  But there is absolutely no place to get an ample supply in Japan.  I am dying! So now to my favor asking call out:


773-0006, Japan



Yokosu-cho 11-86

Villa Yokosu #103

Broc Sewell


There is my address!  I know it is weird looking but I shall explain:  In Japan…they do things the exact opposite with the post.  In America it is “Name, Street, State, Country, Zipcode.”  In Japan it is “Country and Zipcode, Prefecture (state), Town, Block and Building Number, Apartment number, Name”

Learn something new everyday Ahmuright?


Yes, I did just publicly post my Address on the internet.  For those with malicious intent….stop it.  For those of you who decide to use it to visit me, the more the merrier.  Even if I’ve never met you in my life, the fact you would come all the way to Japan to hang out means you are worthy of my time.


Whoever reads and is feeling it in their hearts to oblige me…send peanut butter. haha.  Dont care what kind.. I love it all! Ultimate goal:  To have my entire paltry pantry space filled with heavenly goodness.  I have been telling my kids that I put peanut butter on everything, including Sushi…and the faces they make…priceless.


Which leads me to this weeks segment of:



So the newest discovery of an odd quirk that your average Japanese person does is IN FACT this very segments Namesake.

When a  Native is met with something they find incredulous, ridiculous, hard to believe, odd, strange, weird, goofy, non-traditional, or any combination then and there-of, they make this sound: AyyyyeeeeeeeEHHHHH to make it known that they have discovered that something is not quite right.  It is like a vocal alarm for calling someone out.  It is a very beneficial trait to make use of when you are trying to cheat at cards…because you will know the EXACT moment that the gig is up….that the trick has turned stale and it is time to scoot. To give you an idea, it pretty much sounds exactly like a K-Car Accelerating to top speed.  Not being racist, just trying to accurately describe one of the coolest cultural quirks I have uncovered.  Children do it, adults do it, little cute old ladies do it.  It is absolutely universal it would seem.  In fact, I love hearing it so much that I say absurd things just to get them to do it.  It makes me smile.  I tell Japanese children that I put peanut butter on my sushi, that I am in the 5th grade, that Junko-Sensei’s real name is toilet paper, pretty much anything weird that will get a rise out of them.  I am trying hard to recreate the sound, but as of yet, I don’t feel I have quite gotten the subtle nuances of the sound down quite right.  It isn’t something I am going to master in a moments notice, granted I still use it anyways.  I’ll update you on how it turns out.


In other news, Today is my first day as the official Eigo no Sensei of First Step English Club!  Ahh! Startling occurence! Kiken-sei Wiru Ra-bin-son Kiken-sei Kiken-sei!


I will Be back this evening to finish this blog and tell you how it went!


So it went quite well I think.  I didn’t cry, and in return I only made ONE kid cry.  I see that as a success.  It is a fairly fun job.  I quite like it a lot.  Easy hours, awesome boss…I don’t really understand what anyone is saying to me and they only kind of understand me….it is just awesome.  I play charades with 9 year olds for a few hours each day.  Then I get paid for it.  Not a bad gig really.


I first have to dote on how amazing the food is.  I could sit here and tell you…or I could show you.  Observe:




Yes.  That is just a SMALL smattering of the things I have eaten since my arrival.  Weird, Goofy, Sometimes downright alarming, but absolutely delicious.  The cherry in the chocolate?  Food in Japan is healthier by far than food in America.  Less sugar, less weird tosh that has no place in a pepperoni pizza, sans the high number of calories, and hold the globs of grease.  Don’t believe me?  I have been here for three weeks and have eaten like a madman as often as possible, and I have already lost 5 kg.


Thats right.  I have effectively switched to the metric system.  Why?  Because Americans are effectively retarded for still using otherwise.  Example:  How many feet in a mile? 5,280.  How many meters in a kilometer?  1000.  Millimeters to meters? 1000  Look how CLEAN that is?  Cups to Gallon?  16.  Milliliters to Liters?  1000.  Liters to Killiliters? ahem….1000.


It is simple…it makes sense.  I am talking tongue in cheek.


Back to the food.  Junko Sensei no Okaasan wa ryori ga jozudesu.  She really REALLY is.  She makes the most amazing tempura.  Which by the way, there is a finesse to finely crafted tempura…and it has been mastered in that kitchen.  I could even eat Eggplant Tempura….GASP!  Granted I had no idea at the time that it was eggplant…she hid the taste within an all encompassing aura of tasty.


I’m gonna love this place… I love eating more than anything, and there is plenty of tasty and Oishii to be found on this Island.

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