Part 1

This is part one of a massive post I am working on.  It is almost done, but is really too big for one post. So I broke it up.  Get to reading!

So I am Back

I know I haven’t written in ages and all of the loyal and true Broctivists have been crossing fingers and pressing Refresh, just hoping for an update as to my whereabouts, whyforalls, and withermetoos.


You know who you are! (Angie Morrison) (Joe Delpha)


In other news.  Japan has gotten much more enjoyable as of late.  For a while there I felt like an army ant with his antennae plucked, knee deep in peanut butter.  I will let your imagination sort out just what emotion that consists of.  I myself am not entirely sure, it just sort of sprung to mind and I just went with it.

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