What Kind of Eye Patch Would a Spider Wear? What Would it Look Like?

So the title is pretty self explanatory in my opinion.

i think that such an idea needs to be mused upon.  On the one hand being a spider who is missing an eye wouldn’t be so bad given the knowledge that you have many replacement eyes around your face.  but at the same time what would an appropriate eye patch look like?

I think that it would look something like the torso/leg harness for mountain climbers.

less refined patch detail and more strappy, like magnified fish netting. crisscrossing around the eyes allowing for ocular visibility but providing appropriate cranial support of the eye patch.

Not as simplistic as the typical pirate style patch, more akin to wearing an Octopi diaper on your face.

It grows more philosophical now though.  On the one hand, more eyes means less of an impacting blow that accompanies a loss of an eye.  But more eyes means more chances to lose them.

So we can safely assume that the more we have, the more we are able to lose.



3 thoughts on “What Kind of Eye Patch Would a Spider Wear? What Would it Look Like?

  1. I don’t think pirate spiders would wear eye patches. Eye patches are really more of a courtesy for the rest of the world that would get freaked out by people’s oogey missing eyes, and I don’t think a pirate spider would have that kind of consideration or concern for the rest of us.

  2. but if more eye’s means more chance of loss, does it not actually increase the opportunity to see? Or do you consider a spider, even a pirate spider to be no different than the two legged mammals who have those among them that if give twelve eyes would still see less than the blind one standing next to them? Maybe, in the end it’s not how many eye’s you look at the world with, but what you actually see if you truly look === patch or not…

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