An Hour a Day

So here is a five second blog post….more of a tweet than anything really….

going to write an hour each day for the rest of this year….see where that gets me.

Be it blog….my Book on Broc (which is me) or my novel. Im going to write every day for one hour (at the very least mon ami!)

and if I fall behind or beyond, I will need a poke with a sharp, electric, painful, metaphorical, all of the above object or allusion to keep my on track.

Plus me mum is threatening a form of pugilism or something…I wasn’t really paying attention.  I was too busy writing!

Which is what I’m going to do now! Leave me be!

I’ll update each day on me progress.

See you in 40 minutes (Ive already started and I’m shooting this secondary project from the sleeve, so hey, I do what i can.


Okay, just cranked out 3 pages in 45 minutes or so…pretty good pace if I dont say so myself…which i did say…which prolifically alters the idea in which i just produced.

But on to this:

Tonight it was the Broc Book. Chapter 4.

Section about breathing….mattress towers, and late night eating espionage…very intriguing.

This is the largest chapter of my book….and I dont mean length…i mean I was at my largest during the detailing of this section….the king 485lbs will rear its hideous and rotund head during this chapter… be ready with efficient scales….bathroom scales are worthless…I need industry grade….its gonna get heavy….heyuck.

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