Photography Turtle Neck Trick

This day has been productive.  Which is honestly saying something.  I try to bum it as much as possible.  But I made a promise and I am sticking to it.

Future lives of millions could depend upon it!

Doubtful, but possible.  I am not the type to rule anything out.  It isn’t my style or my prerogative.

So Marie Antoinette was not a total dipstick.  She was simply an Austrian princess faced with an intense wave of xenophobic hate.  She never said “let them eat cake” and was actually found to be a sweet person who cared about the people of France.

So pass that along aye?

Also, on the not of debunking myths, Atlantis IS NOT REAL, NEVER WAS.  It was a HYPOTHETICAL situation brought forth by Plato to teach a life lesson about our dependence on technological advancement.  Sort of like an ancient doctor suess without a sense of humor or a mad rhyming ability.  It has only been taken seriously for the past 100 years or so…up until that point, it being a truthful event was as laughable as Hogwarts (i can’t help but partially believe this one though).

In any case, todays hourly novel work was once again on Broc Book.  Title pending.

I actually have no idea what im going to title this work.  I know that it is going to be punny, which is just sort of how i operate in life.

But this bit was about imagination…what it feels like to be on the larger side of life, physically, not economically. if THIS book sells, maybe i can write the monetary version….something i would mind doing in the slightest.

Also, as the title implies, the Photography turtle neck trick….something that i think is funny, and a kind of crappy thing for my senior photographer to have done.

The working title of this Chapter is: The Fattest Year and the 22nd Grilled Cheese Discussion. Comments are welcome.

Since I change chapter titles daily….it is a very transient process. I bet i will send the final draft to the publisher and as i drop the heavy, leather-bound parcel into my local U.P.S. store (eat fresh!) i will think of a better chapter title…and be terse with the mailman.

Smile, and I leave you with these words of wisdom:

If every bear breathing mountain air, never in his life met another bear, why would he care about what it means to be a bear?

-J Alfred Prufrock-

One thought on “Photography Turtle Neck Trick

  1. Maybe if Marie had cared about the people of “France” verses the people of “England” as you stated – they might not have been so inclined to seperate her top from her bottom…

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