Third Grade Smiles and the Importance of Crums

So fifth day.

Remember, Remember, the fifth of November…Gunpowder, treason, and plot….I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Tip your hats to revolution….then put it back on because the vicissitudes of Guy Fawkes that bounce around hollywood are wildly inaccurate and incorrect.  Doesn’t change the fact that V for Vendetta was a rocking film.

So book,

I nailed Matt’s description.  This is the part of the book that I begin to realize that there is something serious wrong in my life, because up until this moment, i havent actually understood my problem.  I know it is mildly foolish, but you cannot say that you have never deluded yourself into believing something to be true, or something other than it actually is, because you would be one MONUMENTAL fibber!

But back to matt, I called him and read him his description.  He laughed, and said that sounded like him.  then he said how glad he was that he doesn’t take offense to things.  Which makes me happy, because I don’t write nicely, but neither do i write cruelly.  I write EXACTLY what i see or how i feel about something.  I couldn’t give two squirts of low quality lemon juice for propriety, that detracts from the reality of things.  if i offend someone, it is probably because I’m saying something that they don’t want to hear, or don’t want to believe….but that is the beauty of opinion….I get to have my own and express it when and how i wish.

I have never been offended by anything.  I think that it is a term that reveals a silly underside of pretentiousness, arrogance, and stubborn inability to see another person’s viewpoint.  To be offended is to straight up tell someone else that what they say, do, or believe is wrong.  If you are offended by my foot long spiked blue hair…is it because it literally hurts you or because you don’t think people should wear their hair like that?  More importantly, what makes your opinion on the matter any more valid than theirs?  Me personally, i think that such a hairstyle is absolutely ridiculous, but I have no problem with them carrying themselves in such a fashion.  My bubble of what i find appropriate and what i treat with disdain only go so far as how i carry and portray myself.  If people started being a little less up tight about everything and just let people do what they will, not trying to tell other people what to do or how to act, i think we could all get on swimmingly.

But I’m laid back, tolerant of pretty much anything, and have been deemed a Communist by the people I work with.

If that is communism (it’s not) than sign me up for the first Red-robed Pep Rally.


I told Matt he had a third grade yearbook smile, which sums up (to me) exactly how he smiles.  I laughed out loud when I thought of it, because it totally nails his personality, too.

But concerning me….I begun the 22 grilled cheese endeavor…something that should go down in the Guinness book world records (Stillwater Edition) of most sandwiches consumed at one time.

I would have an award to go with my absolute lack of “The Biggest Loser” money.

Speaking of that show…there was a contestant who came to OSU to give a heartfelt speech about weight loss and persevering and his ONE HUNDRED FOURTY POUND WEIGHT LOSS.

That is serious small time.  I thought about going and standing up and making him look stupid…but that would be extremely rude and pretentious of me.  I only thought about it for a moment, but i honestly wish i hadn’t.

Which brings me to a valid point that i honestly hope i will never forget: Even if you have done something better than someone else, even if i smoked his smug ass with weight loss, that in no way makes me better than him, or his own weight loss any less significant.  That can carry to all aspects of life, when you start believing you are better than someone else, is the day you prove you aren’t.  He sweat blood, tears, and processed chicken fat just like I did, and his story is just as valuable as mine.

My method is just more effective than his. 🙂

I jest.

Pay attention to the point.  Dont get garbled up in an attempt at humor…hear that America? Stop being so damn sensitive.  It makes you blotchy.

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