Sometimes A Lack of Pants Makes the World go ‘Round.

So the fourth day of the month has passed!

Still writing strong. It is getting easier and harder at the same time. I still have to force myself to do it, It is still incredibly easy once i START but it is still just as hard to GET myself to the point of starting.  The only difference now is that i bug myself about doing it far more than i used to.  which is a good thing, since im already over halfway done with this chapter and i started it 4 days ago.

I am thinking about beginning the outline process of my next novel.

I have my two main characters, basic outlines for a few secondary members, the overall plot point and the world in which they exist, the over arching driving force behind the series, and my dogs name.

Priorities right?

I just need to start fleshing some things out.  But it is hard sometimes.  Not because the creative aspect of writing is difficult, that isn’t really it, because i can almost always think of SOMETHING to write, it is just sort of how i operate, but i sometimes get myself down.  It is a lack of self-confidence in my writing.  i will look at a novel, look at a book that i adore and go, “gee wilikers, Batman, I will NEVER be that good, what i am writing now is a joke.”  I try to think it isn’t, and i damn sure hope it’s not.  but that is there, in the recesses, forcesses, buttresses, and mistresses of my mind.

But the one way to get better at anything is to do it.  makes sense.  I mean how are you going to get to be a better driver if you never drive?  by THINKING you can drive and then getting down because Kiefer Brinkley of 4255 Merry Hollow way is better at parallel parking?

No, go dent some fenders and remove some side mirrors in the inevitable pursuit of a 90 degree Mazda sandwich between two slices of Buick Bread.

Thanks for the talk.

Concerning what i wrote about today….hot spots…and the bastard devices that are stairs for anyone with manboobs.  For lack of a better term, they are the dementors of the fat guy realm. When you get within 15 feet of them, and are forced to come into any form of contact, they suck the happiness, not to mention the wind and resilience, right out of our pudgy well digested souls.  I would also like to point out that WordPress is having difficulty deciding if the word “manboob” is a word or not…it keeps underlining it in red…and then leaving it alone.

I sort of hate driving.  If my bike was any warmer, and had some pretty sweet saddle bags i would sell my truck in two baggies of black tarr heroin. Or maybe a few thousand…whichever comes first or strikes my fancy.

So I am looking at three avenues of Japanese teach and travel:

1)JET-most money, most competitive, most impersonal, most likely not going to have a big say so about where i go.  could be adults or secondary students.

2)AEON-slightly less money, also extremely impersonal, but maybe a better shot, also have less say so about where i go than JET. mostly adults.

3)ECM-Sweet little Japanese women who talks to me personally, wants me to submit my resume ASAP, i will be in the Japanese country in the Yamagutchi Prefecture, but the pay is absolutely piss poor starting out (literally almost half of the other two). Mostly little kids

I really have no idea which one to go with.  JET sounds awesome, and so does ECM, AEON, sounds pretty sweet as well but not as the other two.  I just want to go.  I know now that it is absolutely going to terrify the hell out of me.  Culture shock is going to make the first six months terrible….but luckily im comfortable being by myself, learn quickly, and am devilishly attractive. three very important traits to survive in Japanese culture. (jest)

Mostly I want to write.  I want people to PAY me for what i have to say.  sounds pretentious, but aren’t all dreams?  That is why they are dreams.  out of everything we want to achieve in our lives they are the absolute.  absolute of what we wish to make of our lives. and mine is being someone who people want to listen to.  Hopefully you do.

So for a dream to be heard, let us listen to a lifelong legend and remember these words that he said:

“When you dream, it better have some resounding bass, some catchy lyrics, and some damn stupid intentions if you are ever going to succeed.  It worked for me.”

-Nat King Cole-

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