If Ever I’m in Prison, I’ll Have a Really Good Shower Song.

So I just finished Chapter 5.

Sorry guys, no nudity this time.  I do however have an all day pizza eating contest with Helmer at CiCis.  Also, I bring to light the infamous waggle-whomp, a creature that hids best within the realms of sock drawers….full of sad lonely single socks.

Concerning the title of this blog, i have only this to say: Clever word-smiths will either be the first to be nabbed in the crowded halls of the nearest penitentiary….or the last.  Hopefully it is the latter.  Not that I ever plan on going to prison, but i don’t ever balk on trying new things, prison included.

I had no idea what I am talking about.

Todays Topic:

Who would in a chess match: Pistol Pete or the entire country of Spain?

First off, we have to look at each sides strengths and weaknesses.

Pistol Pete Strengths:

1)big cranium for ample brain storage space

2) guns for forceful winning

3)Angry/drunken rabbles of college supporters.


Spain Strengths:

1)An Entire Population, someone HAS to be good at chess.

2)A strong lispy version of Spanish

3) Inigo Montoya


Pistol Pete Weaknesses

1)Outside of a mascot costume…he doesn’t exist.

2)stiff…immovable face allows for no victory expressions

3)Each game will probably have a tuition fee on it.


Spain Weaknesses:

1)Everyone confuses Spain with Mexico.

2) The Atlantic

3)Passport Fees and Complicated Judiciary System


So who would win in the end?  It is a tough call…i think the only true way that this will ever be decided is to have both sides throw down in a bishop-filled battle of the ages.

That is all for today…I will report back tomorrow.

Chinese food….and hopefully a fist fight with adventure.

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