Dinner Time Tyranny and the Value of the 60+ Double X Chromosome.

So today is a day of halfway.

I am halfway done with my mission of writing all month.  This is halfway through the month, I’m halfway as tall today as I was yesterday compared to Yao Ming.  And I’m meeting you about halfway with anyone of this halfway nonsense making any sense whatsoever.

I started Chapter 6 today.  It is puttering right along too.  I got to page….4….had to check.  Which is pretty good since I am usually at the 2 page an hour mark.  It is a lot more difficult to write prose than essays.  With an Essay I just go on autopilot and let my brain and fingers just sort of do their thing while the rest of the cool cats and I go to the back corner of my mind and play a rockin’ game of shuffleboard.

But concerning my book, this is the point that is going to be the seller.

How i ACTUALLY did it.

I’m going to outline everything, including the week i went anorexic.  It is a part of the mandatory weight loss process…week long anorexia.  Sorry, I make fun of diseases that aren’t really diseases.  It is just sort of who i am.  Which brings me to a valid life lesson:  Don’t try to alter what you want to say in life, worrying about propriety, being embarrassed, or looking the fool, because in the end, it is who you are and what you want to say.  To get Suessified, the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.

People tell me I’m blunt as hell and say inappropriate things, but WHY are they inappropriate?  Because society thinks they are.  the anarchist in me wants that part of society to burn.  Life would be SOOOO much damn fun if everyone just said what they thought.

I love hearing truly candid and unfiltered ideas and opinions.  It doesn’t happen that often in life, but occasionally I’ll meet that socially awesome person that just points out the elephant in the room, or brings a zoo animal or two of their own.

But back to the book: The first few pages spoke of the value of eating curfews.  The very first thing I did was stop eating after six…before anything.  I ate whatever i wanted but at sundown…the pantry was on lock down.  Courtesy of Warden Grandma.  Have to love that weird ass mess of a lady.  She truly is a delight.  She can’t produce the Mum terrible “crooked finger” which means I am in deep shabang, but she has more attitude than Soul Train.

Being born in the fifties made that one the spitting image or propriety on the surface, but her biting wit and passive aggressive nature makes such attempts at feminine repression COMPLETELY void.

But in my opinion, Men have never been able to truly oppress women.  We never will be able to either.  Just counting down the days until men are all put into cages, used solely for reproduction and slave labor.


Daily Topic: Lucid Dreaming.

So I wish I had better control of my dreams.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my dreams.  I have never had a night in my life where I haven’t been able to at least REMEMBER that I dreamed.  I usually remember them, and they are usually pretty awesome.  I want to conduct, or read a study based upon dreaming.  Because my most creative thought EVER conceived on paper, consciously produced, doesn’t hold a candle to what I come up with in my dreams.  I can only speak for myself obviously, but i don’t think I’m alone in that regard.  I have no idea HOW it happens, how it occurs, or how in the NINE LEVELS OF HADES it is so strange and wonderful, but i wish i could harness it.  Talk about a creative ocean of awesome.  Try to remember your dream tonight when you wake up tomorrow (haha, time lapsing sentences are fun).  And tell me how you logically came up with it.  Logic has no grounds in dreamscape, only a big blended hodge podge of uniqueness.

I often wake up in the middle of the night and think to myself…that would be AN AWESOME story (concerning the dream I just had) and then I immediately fall back asleep.  I sometimes can remember the dream when I fully wake up…but with waking comes realism.  I trip over how stupid it sounds when applied to the real world.  In semiconscious states however, I am free to flourish and create within the realms of my own mind, and never is a mind so much damn fun than during that time.  There are those dreams however that i honestly think could have made wonderfully creative ideas for books, stories, and characters, but I forget those.  I just wake with the knowledge that i missed something truly wonderful.

Concerning Lucid Dreaming however, since that is tonight’s topic, I cannot hardly EVER control my dreams.  The only extent of Lucid Dreaming I possess is the occasional knowledge that i AM dreaming, other than that no go.

I will be sitting in the bathroom using my toilet seat to contact extraterrestrials and will pause….realize that I am dreaming….and then keep doing what I am doing.  It could be for several reasons. One) That was a damn interesting (true) dream. Two) I am weak willed or lack something that other people have.  Three) I need more practice.  But how do you practice something like that subconsciously?

Other than the knowledge that the dream is actually just a dream, I just turn around and forget about it.  Also, I’ve never seen myself in my dreams.  I have heard people talk about seeing themselves in their dream, viewing themselves from a third person perspective, but that has NEVER happened to me.  I am not always myself per-se,  but i am always in first person and have never seen my dream self.

Lucid Dreams sound fun to an extent.  I mean it sounds truly intriguing to be able to control exactly where you go when you are lost in the realm of subconscious thought, but I think I might also be okay with it.  I feel like if i could control it i would revisit things I know, perhaps crushing a part of the weird ass stuff that goes on when i am cranking out some REM.  I do love the stupid and wondrous stuff my mind creates.

So should you.  We are never more creative than when we sleep…Remember that Todd Fischer.

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