The Title is the Title.

So I am working on chapter 6, already beasted about halfway through it, and i realized something: I’m over halfway done with my novel.  That is a good feeling.  But then it is mired by the fact that i do not have a title in mind at ALL.

I want it to be clever, I need it to be something that can sell, but it has to be integral to the overall theme and message to the story.  And it cannot simply have no title, because a story without a title is like a baby without a head.  It is just unnatural.

But I will brainstorm, and I will come up with some ideas for tomorrow.


Short blog post, I will leave you with this magical words of wisdom:

“Whenever you doubt yourself, do your laundry, everything becomes clear during the spin cycle”

-Pink Floyd-

One thought on “The Title is the Title.

  1. You are amazing, and I have faith that no matter what the title of your book is people will search the globe looking for a copy because of how fast it will sell out.

    P.s your words of wisdom always make my day better. 🙂

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