Eating and Dreaming

Thats right folks (as well as the one cognizant platypus) that read my blog.  I did it.

With a sudden glorious, but very subtle stroke of inspiration i named my book

Eating and Dreaming

I like it, i think it captures the overall theme to the story and the plight.  If you don’t think so, i have two words for you, “blows raspberry.”

In any case.  I also finished chapter 6 this evening.  21 pages.  i try to keep around a 20 page chapter length it would seem.

Sorry for the break there, but i had to count the number of pages i have written thus far.  Not that you have noticed anything, but between that previous sentence and the prior one before that, there was about 10 minutes of absence, where i was compiling all of my different chapters into one monster file called Monsta Mash.  I know you missed me during that time.  but fear not, because time did not pass you by, only me.  134.  134 pages on a single topic.  I’m not that impressed.  But i wrote 60 of it in the past 3 weeks.  If i can keep at this pace, then i can be damn near done by the new year.  Wouldn’t that be something.  Any publishing ideas would be great!

In any case,

Tonights topic:  What is most important when Traveling to another country.

The most important thing you have to take, the most imperative, do or die item that is a must, are socks.  If you don’t have socks, than your feet don’t have envelopes in which to be sent along their merry way.  So pack 60.  And i don’t mean singles.

Second, A good tae kwon do book.  You don’t have to read it, or even know a single move of self defense, but if a young rapt scallion sees you reading a book about self defense in the little precious time you have on a late night subway ride, he will think twice about thinkin’ you a chump.

Third, you don’t need to learn language, so language books aren’t necessary.  you only need to know how to say 4 things: yes, no, I’m sorry, and where is the nearest alleyway in which to urinate discreetly?

Fourth, bring lots of electronic equipment with video recording devices so you can start a rad video blog for everyone back home looking like a punk and wishing they were on an adventure too.  It won’t get stolen if you have the tae kwon do book handy.

Fifth, A Timbuk2 Messenger bag: extremely durable, attractive, and i get paid a ten pence for every one sold on tuesdays.

Sixth, a sense of adventure!

No you don’t need pants, you can throw away your passport once you get through immigration, and luggage (with the exception of the sweetastic messenger bag) is superfluous.  Who needs money when you can make friends.  Phones are for people who don’t know how to use the internet.  Moist towelettes don’t help anyone build immunity.  Travel pillows cause third degree wrist burns.  Maps are for people who don’t know how to get lost.  Keys are worth a world away.  Pets can be repurchased elsewhere.  Children are expendable.  Cartwheels are a must.  Immediately lose your ability to stand in line.  Get used to walking.  Take some pantomime classes.  Always carry bacon in your pockets to ward off pirates.

This has been another public service announcement from the Badger.  Who incidentally, is my newly created mischievous alter-ego.

Word of Wisdom:

“Words are only real when sung.  Anything less than that won’t make the soundtrack”

-Pete Wheeler-

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