Staring Down Your Grandma

My finger is cold.  Not all of them mind you, just one of them.  My right index finger.  I have no idea WHY just that finger, but it sort of happens that way.  Maybe it has something to do with a weird circulation wiring mishap.  Maybe it is because I have the forefinger designed to be a perfect squirrel forehead compress.  In either case, I can’t feel my H,Y,G,U,N,M, and B keys. Continue reading “Staring Down Your Grandma”

The Title is the Title.

So I am working on chapter 6, already beasted about halfway through it, and i realized something: I’m over halfway done with my novel.  That is a good feeling.  But then it is mired by the fact that i do not have a title in mind at ALL.

I want it to be clever, I need it to be something that can sell, but it has to be integral to the overall theme and message to the story.  And it cannot simply have no title, because a story without a title is like a baby without a head.  It is just unnatural.

But I will brainstorm, and I will come up with some ideas for tomorrow.


Short blog post, I will leave you with this magical words of wisdom:

“Whenever you doubt yourself, do your laundry, everything becomes clear during the spin cycle”

-Pink Floyd-

Dinner Time Tyranny and the Value of the 60+ Double X Chromosome.

So today is a day of halfway.

I am halfway done with my mission of writing all month.  This is halfway through the month, I’m halfway as tall today as I was yesterday compared to Yao Ming.  And I’m meeting you about halfway with anyone of this halfway nonsense making any sense whatsoever.

I started Chapter 6 today.  It is puttering right along too.  I got to page….4….had to check.  Which is pretty good since I am usually at the 2 page an hour mark.  It is a lot more difficult to write prose than essays.  With an Essay I just go on autopilot and let my brain and fingers just sort of do their thing while the rest of the cool cats and I go to the back corner of my mind and play a rockin’ game of shuffleboard. Continue reading “Dinner Time Tyranny and the Value of the 60+ Double X Chromosome.”