The Importance of Waltz

I need to work on my dialogue.  I don’t feel like it is up to snuff.  So i am going to invent to characters and use this blog post to try and dictate their conversation.  It may be weird, especially since i am about to make it up on the spot with little to no thought.

Location: A well lit balcony outside a second level Starbucks.

Jamie:A lonely entry level telemarketer trying to find someone to take ballroom dancing lessons with.  He sees Marla, and thinks she is the right person to ask. Tentative but tenacious, a dry sense of humor, but inexperienced and shy.

Marla: a 27 year old single woman looking for a job, hell bent on procreation with an unrealistic standard of man.  Dreamer, argumentative, likes to laugh, no-nonsense, hesitant around strangers.

Jamie has seen her there before, they are both regular coffee shop goers.  He isn’t just approaching a random woman, he isn’t that type of guy.  If he was a foot taller and more blonde, he would be closer to Marla’s assumption of that guy. Continue reading “The Importance of Waltz”

Jackie Chan Versus Pile of Leaves

I am going to spend this entire blog comparing Jackie Chan to a Pile of Leaves.

First Up, Jackie Chan. Born April 7 1954 in Hong Kong.

Pile of Leaves: Born once every year under every Deciduous tree in existence….in the world.

Jackie Chan: Born Chan Kong-Sang

Pile of Leaves: Born….Pile of Leaves, slight variations across every world language, but core name remains intact. Continue reading “Jackie Chan Versus Pile of Leaves”

Butter Cereal, Palm Punch Combo

So I have suddenly realized that i start several blogs with the word So.  These things are just sort of my stream of consciousness leaking out onto the screen.  I think it, my fingers punch it, you read it, you speak it, your children sow it into their children, and those children grow up to be world leaders, astrophysicists, Jugglers, and Candy Canes.  Yes, my literary grandchildren will grow up to be Candy Canes.  That is how potent this writing is.  So live it.  Then tell everyone how much of a pretentious poppycock I am. Continue reading “Butter Cereal, Palm Punch Combo”