Inertia is a Con and I’m not buying.

So, Here I am again.

I slacked like nobodies business for several months there.  I sort of feel like Hank Moody but less successful and less successful with women.  For the 80 percent of you who won’t get that reference.  Open your minds to the world around you!

So there is a motto, that isn’t even really a motto, but something that I currently wish to live my life by: Leave good for great.

It is simple, like a haiku, or a e.e. cummings poem, but has the tic-tac potential of blowing minds and parking garages. Continue reading “Inertia is a Con and I’m not buying.”

We All Want to Be Famous, but You Only Make it if You’re Left-Handed

So I know, I sucked it up.

I haven’t written in a long time, but in my defense, this was my November experiment, and one in which I passed pretty well (besides the Thanksgiving hiatus, which including detox, arguments with an Italian, and 3 hours of constant eating) But I am back, hopefully for good.

So it got cold.  This morning was sort of like riding an old tugboat through through a pond made of manure flavored Icee.  One of the many drawbacks of Oklahoma, the constant smell of manure in the early winter.  There is a lack of smell producing items during this time of year, trees are dead, the cold air cuts down on how far exhaust travels (possibly) and there is left but one thing…the ripe ever pervading scent of manure.  Mostly the cold though.  I keep hissing at my window.  You know when it is chilly when you show signs of aggression toward the first structural signs of weakness.

No I don’t own a tugboat. Stop asking. Continue reading “We All Want to Be Famous, but You Only Make it if You’re Left-Handed”

Formal Footwear is For Telling Lies

So I am back.

I took a 7 day break from blogging for Thanksgiving.  I still wrote quite a bit on my book in case you were wondering (you were….dont lie) so never fear!

So i have a confession to make.  It is a deep, dark, terrible secret that I am ashamed to admit, and I’m sure it will get me a lot of flak in the long run from several sources of dissension…but I need to come clean.  Both for your sakes and mine own, I need to tell the truth.

I love being Rick Roll’d. Continue reading “Formal Footwear is For Telling Lies”